Discover the Hidden Benefits of Figs vs Dates: Understanding Differences and Benefits

By May14,2024
Figs vs Dates

Figs vs Dates are very popular sweet fruits that are similar in nutrition and are beneficial to consume before breakfast. Fig dates differ in taste. The two are obtained from different plants. Figs have a little sour taste while dates are sweet Because they contain natural sugars. It is Sunnah to eat dates in odd numbers such as 1, 3,  and 5 It has a lot of power.

It should be consumed up to seven times a day. Consuming it in the morning is sufficient for the whole day. While figs help with weight gain, 2 figs eat in a day. It is also mentioned in all heavenly books. These fruits have been a part of our diet for many years and we explore more benefits of figs vs Dates.

Difference between Figs vs Dates



Figs are the fruit that is produced by the fig tree Ficus cacao


Green, and purple color, around shaps, crunchy texture when eaten.


Fig belongs to the blackberry family and is a self-growing fruit that is abundant in various regions from Turkey to northern India. It is a fruit found in hot regions, it is also known as an inverted fruit. It has different names Shak ka gondi fig brown fig, black jiva, etc. are included in it.

The season to get them is short, These are found to be very bad, so dry figs are more likely to be found. It is mentioned in all heavenly books so its nutritional benefits are also amazing. Yes, it is a good source of vitamin G and also contains minerals like calcium, potassium, iron, and magnesium. They are rich in antioxidants and should not be eaten more than 2 a day.



Dates are the fruit that is produced by the date palm tree Phoenix dactylifera.


Brown and sticky color, oval shape, smooth texture when eating


Dates are an ancient stone fruit This means it has a kernel And it is surrounded by soft fruit (Like Peach mango etc ).  It is obtained in the form of bunches. It is a food rich in sweetness. It contains natural sugars. It is very useful regarding strength. Dates are available in different types and sizes, some are hard and some are soft this is the sale of western countries.

Dates are also used to make various sweets and are also used to make juice, milkshakes,  vinegar, etc. It has rough skin. Dates are very energetic. Consuming it in the morning is enough for the whole day. It is a good source of fiber, it contains vitamins, copper, and potassium, it is an antioxidant, and it has many healing properties. Eat dates in odd numbers it is Sunnah. The scientific name is Phoenix dactylifera the fruit can be eaten either fresh or dried, depending on where the fruit is harvested.

The nutritional profile of figs vs Dates


                                                Figs                        Dates

  • Calories                      249kcla                 282
  •  Protein                      3.3g                         2.5g
  • Carbhydrate              63.9g                     75g
  • Sugar                            47.9g                      63g
  •        Iron                              2mg                     0.9mg      
  • Sodiom                      10mg                      2mg
  •          Calcium                      162mg                       39mg        
  • Manganese                 0.3mg               0.3mg  
  • Mangnesium               68mg                 43mg
  • Copper                         0.3mg                 0.4mg
  • Fiber                               9.8g                        8g
  • Vitamin A                    2.7mcg               3msg
  • Vitamin B1                   0.1mg             0.05mg
  • VitaminB2                    0.1mg              0.5mg 
  • VitaminB3                  0.4mg                1.6mg


Health advantages of Figs vs Dates:


Eating dates soaked or dry is a cure for different diseases than eating seven dates in the morning On that day, no poison will affect him, nor will any magic affect him, and whoever eats in the evening will not be affected until morning. It is rich in nutrients and high calories which will boost your energy levels.

It is rich in potassium, which is very beneficial for bones. Dates amount of fiber is also high which is very important to eliminate constipation. It is also good for heart patients and blood sugar patients as it contains natural sugars and antioxidants Which are very good for the skin and eyes and do not allow toxic substances to be produced in our body. It controls cholesterol and is also the best for pregnant women to eliminate sugar cravings.



A fig is a fruit, not a produce. It is called the fruit of paradise. It removes hemorrhoids. Its daily use is very useful for joint pain. Dates and figs should not be used together. One is used in the morning and the other in the evening provides more benefits. Figs contain fiber which is beneficial in relieving constipation and is also the best diet for diabetics.

Regulates blood pressure It helps reduce sugar cravings It is good for hair as it is high in zinc. Daily use of figs reduces the chances of getting cancer. It also contains vitamins A and C which are very good for eyes and hair skin. One should not eat more than two figs a day and it is more beneficial to soak them at night and consume them in the morning.

Health Impact:

cardiovascular Disease:

It helps with digestion and solves constipation in people because it contains high fiber. Dates are good for anyone, especially, those who have neurological problems, and or age-related problems such as Alzheimer’s disease. It contains vitamins and minerals that lower blood pressure and prevent cholesterol from rising.

Figs vs Dates for Diabetes

figes vs dates are the perfect snacks for diabetes so people can control their sugar levels. That can help you curb your desert curving date figs have a decent amount of glycemic index and also fall into the magnesium 100 grams of date can 320 calories, and 74-gram carbohydrates have a 42 glycemic index. 100grm fig 239 calories, 53 g carbohydrate 61glycemic. It is best for Diabbetes’ patience.

Anti-tumor effect:

Cancer fig antioxidant cell protective properties and therapeutic effects include anti-cancer hypoglycemic, Dates help to prevent Alzheimer’s disease, improve cognitive function date,
The date fruit constituents have shown the antitumor activity but the exact mechanism of action of dates and their constituents in the prevention of tumors is not known exactly.
Earlier studies reported that beta D-glucan from dates has shown antitumor activity Date fruits exhibited a dose-dependent anticancer activity.

Anti-inflammatory effect:

Earlier studies have shown that constituents of plants such as phenolics and flavonoids act as excellent anti-inflammatory agents.
For anti-inflammatory action, Ajwa dates are superior compared to other types of datesDate fruits play a significant role as an anti-inflammatory and a recent report on the Ajwa dates showed that ethyl acetate, methanolic, and water extracts of Ajwa dates restrain the lipid peroxidation cyclooxygenase chemicals COX-1.

Improves cognitive functions.

It means, that regular consumption of dates is good for anyone, especially, those who have neurological problems, and or age-related problems such as Alzheimer’s disease
Antioxidant action is not only for brain functioning but also important as anti-cancer properties.
Regular consumption of dates can lower the prevalence and lower mortality rates of cancer.


1. which is better for you?

Figs are used to increase weight and control blood pressure while dates are a healthy food with their test and nutrition.

2. What number of figs would it be good for you to eat in a day? Watch video

One should eat only two figs in a day. Put the figs in water overnight and eat them in the morning on an empty stomach. It is more beneficial to eat them.

3. is it ok to eat figs at night?

Dates have a lot of power, it was sunnah to eat odd numbers, is mentioned in all heavenly books, it also has many benefits. Put fig it in water at night and drink it in the morning by making milk shape and drinking it, it also makes you gain weight quickly and gives you strength.

4. Can replace dates with figs?

Yes, dates taste different from figs because we can use dates to make different types of sweets, etc.


Both figs vs dates have their benefits and they are fruits that are eaten all over the world. Figs and dates are delicious fruits with similar nutritional value, they are rich in fiber potential, and figs are high in magnesium. While dates are high in natural sugars and low in fat consuming them has many health benefits.



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