Ease Lower Back Pain: Effective Chiropractic 15 Exercises

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Chiropractic exercises for lower back pain

Chiropractic exercises for lower back pain are one of the main problems people complain about. Due to this pain, a person cannot perform his daily tasks. This pain can be of different types. When do you feel this pain when you are sitting or bending down? At that time, the intensity of pain becomes more, this pain can be reduced by various workouts.

Many people do exercises at home that can help reduce back pain and keep you strong. And it can also help by strengthening your muscles to reduce back pain. You may not be doing the right exercises and you need to fix that.

This may cause the workout to become more painful. Therefore, to avoid this pain, it is imperative to take advice from a chiropractor, he can guide you in the right way. Which exercise is best for reducing your pain that suits your individual needs? Let’s see what exercises we should do for lower back pain.

Causes of lower back pain 


 lower back pain

 There is no particular reason for back pain. There are various reasons which can be easily treated.

  • Muscle aches or strains 
  • Pain from sitting in one place and position for too long
  •  Debilitation 
  • A ruptured disc 
  • from some type of injury

These are some of the causes of the pain. This pain may not go away completely. It comes back after some time but the pain can be reduced with exercises.

The Best Chiropractic Exercises for Lower Back Pain


pelvic tilt 

Do this pelvic tilt exercise to strengthen your abdominal muscles. Pelvic tilt exercise strengthens your abdominal muscles and helps reduce lower back pain. It has many benefits. 

Here’s how to do this exercise

Lie on your stomach on the floor and bend your knees backward with your feet facing backward. And lift your pelvis. You should do this for at least 10 to 15 seconds Then lie down straight. This exercise is safe for everyone. Indeed, even pregnant ladies can do it with practically no trepidation. 


Cat/ camel exercise helps reduce lower abdominal pain. This exercise is done to maintain mobility in the lower back and pelvis. You can do this in any situation, whether you are overweight, old, or young, it calms your mind And makes the body strong.

Here’s how to do this.

Get down on your hands and knees and drop your stomach down. Calm down your head and drop it.

Then Round your back until you feel a stretch in your lower back. Do this for about 10 seconds until the pain subsides.

After doing this for 10 seconds, come back to your normal position and allow your back to swing with your stomach facing down.

Now lift your shoulders and hold this position for ten minutes and repeat for a while. 


back pain

  • open up the spine
  • strengthens the arm and shoulder
  • Improve digestive
  • Indeed, even pregnant ladies can do it with practically no trepidation.

Hip flexors 

A group of muscles that help to support your lower back. There are hip flexors on both sides of our body. Lift the knees, to bow down, And help the hips to move from side to side.

Lie down with one leg on the floor and support your head with your hand. While bending your top leg, grab the front of your foot with your other hand and take it behind you.

Then swing your leg back, bringing your foot to the hip. This will make you feel a stretch in your lower back.  The hip flexors have different stretches to increase flexibility.

You can do it two to three times a day, you should hold these stretches for 10 or 15 seconds. This will gradually relieve you of lower back pain.

Knees and Chest 

If you ever feel like you have a strain or pain in your lower back. How You Can Reduce It You’re not alone. Many people complain of some form of back pain In the neck, upper back, and lower back. All these sufferings can be alleviated. For this, a Knee and Chest exercise can reduce the pain.

Here’s how it works

Lie on your stomach on the floor, place one foot on the floor bring the other knee to the chest, And try to press your back on the floor and do this for 10 to 15 seconds.

After 10 to 15 seconds, return your knee to the first position, then repeat the same procedure with your other leg. Keep doing this for a while, do it about four to five times.

To make it even better, pull your knee toward your chest and extend your other leg straight out onto the floor.

This exercise can be very helpful in reducing the pain of lower back muscles, spinal cord, etc.


Here’s how to do an exercise 

Get into a table position then spread your arms straight out in front of you. Then spread out your opposite leg back.

For example, if you extend your right arm straight, then you have to extend your left leg backward.

It should be spread in such a way that it looks like a straight line with your extended arm and press your shoulders and hips into the ground as you rotate your leg toward the ground. Do this for two or three breaths, then return to normal, then repeat this exercise on your other arm and leg. Do this three to four times.

single leg lift

Leg lifts are basic chiropractic exercises for lower back pain.  It strengthens your muscles.

This is how it is.

 You can lie straight on the ground, If possible, keep a pad under your head.

Straighten both your arms to your sides, keep your legs straight, and lift one leg with your feet. So that it is completely straight in the air, then slowly turn it downwards.

Then straighten your other leg in the same way and repeat this 10 to 15 times, it will give you relief from lower back pain.

Butterfly pose

This exercise strengthens the up-quarter abductors It stretches the thigh muscles and hips.

Here’s how to do it,

Sit on the ground and bring the bottoms of the feet together. Pull your stomach up and lengthen your spine. Hold your feet together with your hands and bend your elbows inwards. Inhale while lengthening your spine, then slowly exhale. As you exhale you will feel a stretch. You can do this for 30 seconds.

side bridge

This is a great exercise to lower back pain.

You can do it like this.

Lie on one side, fold your arm, bend one knee, and keep the other leg straight. Your lower knee and elbow should be in a perfectly straight line with each other. Lift your hips until your knees, shoulders, and hips are straight. Stay in this position for five to ten seconds.

After doing this on one side, repeat the same position on the other side as well, extending it for five to 10 seconds. This will greatly reduce your back pain.

Active prayer

Active prayer exercise is also very effective for lower back pain. Bend your knees with your chest down. Open your arms in front of you and practice breathing. As you exhale, lower your chest and practice your back toward your heels. Breathe again, straightening the chest downwards on each breath, do this about 4/ 5 times. 

Squat chiropractic exercises for lower back pain


Squat workout is also effective for lower back pain and this workout strengthens the leg muscles. start with your legs just about shoulder-width apart, lift your arms yo in front of you for balance, make sure your back is straight, and you do not arch your back inward or outward.

your back and neck must be one line Push your hips back, as though you are sitting on an imaginary chair. your hips and thighs must be parallel to the floor, maintain your form come up to a natural position make sure when you sit down to squat position your knees do not collapse. while doing your squat inhale when you go down and exhale when you come up.

Child’s pose 

Child’s pose exercise helps to relieve shoulder, back, neck, and back pain. 

being in a crawling position hand palms down and knees on a mat.

Know to sit back lowering your buttocks to ward your heels.

crawl your fingers, Hold for 10/15 sec 

then slowly return to the first position

Do this exercise twice a day four to five times a week

 Psoas  Stretch

Many people Psoas exercise because it is beneficial for stretching the muscles. This exercise is not very difficult and if you do it daily, your muscles will start to lengthen. A great workout for tees is to lie on your stomach with your legs behind you. Extend one knee slightly in front of your hips. Your leg should be flat on the ground with your knee at 90 degrees parallel to your straight leg.

Glute stretch

We are busy with work and activities throughout the day and as a result, we get muscle problems, lower back pain, Pain in the legs, etc. A glute workout helps to reduce this pain. 

Sit on the ground with your legs straight before you. Bring your right leg towards you and cross it over your left leg. 

Straighten your left knee with your foot straight

Bring your left elbow out from your right knee and slowly twist your body to the right.

Do this for 20 to 25 seconds, then stop and take a deep breath, then repeat on the other side.

Seated Glute Stretch

This stretch is excellent for people who struggle with sciatica.

Sit on a chair with your knees bent, and feet flat on the floor.

Keep your back straight and your right hand on your right knee, and incline forward.

Keep your back straight and your right hand on your right knee, and lean forward.

Release, switch legs, and repeat.

 Spinal twist

One of the best ways to reduce lower back pain & ameliorate thoracic mobility is by performing the Supine Spinal Twist,

how to perform this yoga disguises the reverse muscles & realigns the chine. Follow this way toward playing out this yoga pose alone

Taradiddle on your reverse on a mat, with your legs flat and your arms out to the sides, vertical to your body.

Bend your right knee, and cross your right bottom over your left leg, keeping it next to the left knee.

Use your left hand to press your right knee toward the bottom on your left side. Move your head to look sideways. Keep your shoulders in alignment and against the bottom.

Hold this position for at least 30 seconds. Repeat on the other side. 


1. How do I adjust my lower back at home?

We can get relief from back pain by doing exercises like squats, Glute stretches, and spinal twists at home.

2. What are 2 exercises for back pain?

Best exercises for back pain
Single leg left

3. What are three methods chiropractors use when treating back pain?

He demonstrates Activator adjustments on the cervical spine and lower back. While it’s not the primary method used on younger, healthy patients, it’s advantageous for those with osteoporosis, acute injuries limiting mobility, or anxiety about manual adjustments.

The Activator allows the exact focusing of joints requiring expanded movement. The power is adjustable given the patient’s requirements. It’s a safe option to restore function when forceful thrust adjustments are not suitable.

4. Is chiropractic painful?

You won’t feel serious pain during a chiropractic adjustment. Your chiropractor will apply a controlled measure of power to your joints, which makes a breaking or popping commotion as the gas leaves your joints. While this might sound painful, it doesn’t feel pain.

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